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zerocaloriefood's Journal

Food Under Five
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This community is practically unmoderated, so if anyone really wants that responsibility, by all means--step up!

I want this to remain a really easy, interesting and maybe even fun site where we share our little victories against time and weight by announcing whenever we find a really--or surprising--food discoveries.

I would like to see some standardization in this group, so if possible please follow this format:

Subject: Food Product: Surprising Discovery About This Food!


Where I discovered this food, interesting or funny story about how much I like this food and encouraging others to try it!

If I have one, I will be glad to include a picture, or even a recipe including this food, or even a list of foods in this category (snacks, fruits, vegetables, etc) that I suspect or know are also similar in interest!

I am personally interested in those foods that are so low in calorie that you have actually got to eat a quantity of food before you reach actual colorie counts.

I will personally be contributing lists of such foods whenever I find them--and I encourage you to do the same!